Structural Waterproofing

Since 1975 We've Used Only The Finest
Elastomeric Coatings, Sealants and Roofing Membranes


We use the best waterproofing and weather resistant products available for protecting your buildings:

Substrates include concrete, masonry, aluminum and wood.

Installation of Carlisle's Miraclay Bentonite Clay waterproofing system.

NEOGARD NEOFLEX™ and MASTER PROTECT 750 EL and 850 EL Water based, 100% waterproof elastomeric coating

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums, Facilities, Parking Garages
  • Vertical, Exterior, Above grade
  • Stucco, Brick, Concrete, CMU, EIFS
  • Internally plasticized retains elasticity long-term
  • Elastomeric Provides excellent elongation and low temperature flexibility
  • Excellent UV resistance retains color without fading long-term
  • Superior weathering properties resists fungus and mildew
  • Resistant to wind-driven rain
  • Protects building interiors from moisture
  • Breathable, allows interior moisture to escape without damaging coating
  • One finish coat application on most installations reduces labor costs
  • Carbon dioxide diffusion barrier properties protect embedded steel from corrosion
  • VOC-compliant, water-based system, environmentally friendly, easy cleanup

DOW CORNING® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating - 790 and 795 Silicone Sealants

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums, Facilities, Parking Garages and Plaza Decks
  • Silicone Weatherproofing Performance Never Looked So Beautiful
  • With 55 standard colors, plus a custom color capability, Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating gives you outstanding weatherproofing performance.
  • AllGuard Coating is a one-part, water-based, 100 percent silicone elastomer that seals out water on above-grade exterior walls.
  • It requires no primer on most substrates and cures to form a flexible membrane that can handle the normal movements of seasonal thermal expansion-contraction, even on EIFS panels.
  • Used in renovation projects when urethane and acrylic coatings, paints and penetrants have failed, it is also ideal for new construction projects.
  • Dow 790 and 795 Silicone Sealants used for caulking substrate, exp. joints, windows and "wet sealing"

SARNAFIL® and FIBERTITE® Roofing Membranes

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums
  • Conventional PVC roofing technology requires the use of low molecular weight liquid plastisol polymers applied to lightweight fabrics to create a flexible membrane.
  • Over time, UV, heat and environmental contaminants draw the plastisol (plasticizer) to the surface of the membrane where it's washed away by wind and rain. This plasticizer migration reduces flexibility and leaves the membrane susceptible to damage from thermal shock, hail impact and foot traffic.
  • Additional effects of plasticizer migration on the insitu aging process can make the membrane difficult to repair, and subsequently impossible to maintain.
  • FiberTite single-ply roofing membranes are engineered using an alternate technology whereby a flexible solid polymer, Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE), is used as the foundation of their coating's chemistry. This coating technology is bonded to some of the heaviest polyester fabrics in the industry.
  • The result is a high performance roofing membrane that remains flexible and retains its physical attributes over time.

SIKAFLEX® and MasterSeal High-Performance urethane sealants

  • Is a versatile moisture-curing high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity.
  • Active, vertical and horizontal interior, exterior joints.
  • Including expansion wall joints, floor and pavement joints, curtain walls, panel walls, precast walls, window frames, structural components, dams, spillways and storm water drains.
  • Substrates include concrete, masonry, aluminum and wood.

SIKALASTIC® ROOF PRO SYSTEMS with (MTC) Seamless roofing and Waterproofing Polyurethane - based liquid membrane

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums, Facilities, Parking Garages, Plaza Decks and Balconies
  • Single component technology
  • Reflective, fire rated, wind rated and Alkaline Resistant
  • Seamless application eliminates lap seams, a primary cause of system failure.
  • Liquid applied membrane and flashings conform to virtually any shape and profile.
  • 100% membrane and flashing reinforcement provides enhanced strength and durability throughout.
  • Direct bonding for substrate prevents lateral water migration
  • Available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 year manufacturer warranty

NEOGARD Pedestrian and Vehicular Deck Systems, Fountains and Wading Ponds

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums, Facilities, Parking Garages, Plaza Decks and Balcony Floors
  • Single or multicomponent waterborne or epoxy primers for priming concrete, wood and metal substrates
  • Single and multicomponent polyurethane resin coatings with non-skid finishes
  • Topcoats come in a variety of colors

MASTERPROTECT H 107 Clear Breathable Water-Based Silane Siloxane Sealer

  • Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Condominiums, Facilities, Parking Garages, Balcony and Walkway Floors
  • Water repelling extends life of building
  • VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions
  • Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
  • Transparent and non-staining
  • Easy applications